terms & conditions

Riad Moulay Ali

Booking Terms and Conditions :

Check-in : From 13.00 / Departure : Until 12:00
After receiving the booking form or request information, Riad Moulay Ali you respond by return email informing you of the different options of stays, and explains the way to finalize the reservation. As soon as Riad Moulay Ali and future hosts agree on the dates of your stay (beginning and end), the total amount of the stay, as well as services related to this trip, we proceed to the final stage of booking. This is a deposit of 50% of the total booking amount. Confirmation of residence occurs only after receiving the deposit (or proof of deposit) as a deposit by bank transfer, or by debiting your credit card.

1 - Bank Transfer:

Riad Moulay Ali send you the account number to be credited and sets a timeframe during which Riad Moulay Ali keeps your stay is optional. Beyond this period, Riad Moulay Ali reserves the right to offer to others all or part of this trip. Upon receipt of the transfer receipt by fax or email (in which case you will have to scan the document), Riad Moulay Ali definitively confirm the reservation within 12h by another email automatically sent by two different mail boxes.

2 - Deposit payment by online payment :

Riad Moulay Ali send you a link that will take you to a secure "https" online payment site to make a deposit. Dice the transaction, the system sends you an instant confirmation. You will then receive another booking confirmation within 12 hours after verification of payment data.

3 - Credit Card :

Riad Moulay Ali sends you a "direct debit" document that you must return by fax or email completed with your credit card numbers, and signed by you. A period of return of the document will be determined by the Riad Moulay Ali. This document allows us to proceed with the deposit. Upon receipt of the debit authorization by fax or email, the booking is confirmed and validated it. Riad Moulay Ali send an email "voucher" to confirm the receipt of the document within 24 hours, email automatically sent by two different mail boxes. For collecting deposits, Riad Moulay Ali shall bear the mark (normally 4%) due to the payment by credit card. We accept the following credit cards: Visa - Master Card.